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My name is Lisa. I'm 19. I live in Ireland. I love Bring Me The Horizon. I have an obcession with Taylor Momsen. I pretty much like anyone who is nice to me and isn't fake. so ask me questions or mail me if you want to talk or some shit :3 peaceeee.

people who self diagnose themselves with something is very annoying. It is also disrespectful to people who really have that illness. it’s not ‘cool’ or a ‘phase’. It’s horrible when you are in the situation. So before you decide to self diagnose yourself with an illness, go to your doctor and confirm it. It’s not a good idea to be throwing around certain illnesses. For example, saying things like ’oh I’ve had a bad month I think I have depression’ or ‘oh I can’t concentrate I have ADHD’. It is much more complex than that.

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